The village Bonnland in Bavaria once belonged to its inhabitants. Since the beginning of the 1960s the German armed forces use the place to prepare soldiers for military operations. The shown images are part of my graduation project “Dorf Bonnland” which I produced under the supervision of Silke Grossmann and Belinda Grace Gardner at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg.

The footage shows a place that seems to belong to another time, because it has not been modernised since the 60s. It is only restored to the original state in case of a destruction by the military.

The installation view shows the hanging. At first the visitors pass the landscape that surrounds Bonnland. Then, they see a map that shows the infrastructure of Bonnland and some hints of my photographic approach to the village. Then, I show some of the houses in detail. At last the visitors find an archive, showing every street and house in Bonnland, made up by the polaroids I took before every dia.